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Opinion Polling
on Social Media

With increasing pressure to innovate and improve customer experience, knowing your customers and target markets has become more critical than ever. However, classic opinion research methods like phone surveys or panels are expensive and time-consuming.

Boomerang Ideas is a platform that allows you to use social media as an opinion research channel! With this, we help businesses broaden their reach and collect consumer opinions faster and cheaper.

Our Boomerang Ideas polling platform harnesses the power of crowd-sourcing to quickly validate an idea or get answers to your question.

Boomerang Ideas brings crowd intelligence and consumer market research within your reach.

On-demand feedback, powered by crowd intelligence

Boomerang Ideas transforms your question into white-labeled social media posts. These posts are distributed to your selected socio-demographics by the accurate micro-targeting feature known from advertising technology.

Our online dashboard gives you live insights on the collected feedback. Within just 1 week you get a fully-fledged PDF-report with diagrams, tables and comments to present to your stakeholders.

Feedback from real users on the most relevant platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, allows you to tap into a powerful population sampling. This sourcing method can even get you representative answers based on the age, gender, language and regional distribution of a country (currently Switzerland only).

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